Horizontal Well Testing

You know us for DST and Plug Logging services. We can now offer you Horizontal Well Testing. This is a unique, drill pipe / tubing deployed, wireline controlled, straddle inflate system. We are the first to provide a 'light intervention' evaluation tool for horizontal well bore logging and testing. This is proven technology with unparalleled data quality and reservoir information. You now have the ability to log the horizontal open hole leg, inflate and isolate stages to identify oil/water contacts and select the optimum hole intervals for stimulation, etc.

Unconventional gas or oil horizontal wells that have intersects with natural fractures can be straddle tested. A very accurate formation pressure value can be obtained for: reserve calculations, Board requirements and prior to any stimulation procedures.

Want to do a bottom hole penetration test on the first 50 meters of your horizontal well or do you want to look at any interval along the well bore? Remove filter cake and improve skin on the toe of your well? Find where the water is breaking through? Identify producing perfs? Re-evaluate wells before abandonment or sale? Provide answers for your questions with hard facts: pressures, skin values, fluid samples, etc.

Let us show you what you are missing in your old, shut in, watered out, horizontal wells. This may be the most cost effective exploration decision you could ever make! For a more detailed discussion of our HPT1000 solution, please give us a call at 403-287-0170.